I like to ask questions. (I’ll be honest)

Whenever I see something fishy going on I like to ask questions, and I ask allot of questions in order to find the truth. Recently I read an article on a local organizations website, I found this article to have allot of holes, so of course  I asked questions. Not only were my questions not answered but I was referred to another local organization. I’m so tired of this why can’t people just be honest, so now I’m waiting on an reply from the other organization. I’m tired of the wild goose chase trying to keep people accountable to the things that they say. People just be honest! and I won’t ask questions, don’t get angry at me for wanting the truth.

Also I don’t have anything to hide if you ask me a question I will answer it honestly. People know me, my facebook is open I don’t have a bunch of security settings and other stuff because I have nothing to hide. I recently started my own project and my name is not plastered all over it, simply because I want the focus to be on the organization and not me. I have no desire to become famous from it I don’t want people patting me on the back telling me about all the awesome work I do, because its not about that.

I’ll be honest. So you be honest.


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