What the KCENTF Says You Should Do If You Have No Food

What the Kent County Emergency Needs Task Force Says You Should Do 
If You Have No Food.

Question: I am wondering about what you do if there is not enough food. 
Let us start by discussing the
things you might do to make the food you have last longer. 
What are some of these things?

  • cut amounts of food 
  • cut size of meals
  • skip meals
  • water down ingredients 
  • eat cheaper foods like potatoes or pasta 
  • serve less expensive foods
  • serve less nutritious food
  • because they are cheaper, serve children nutritious foods 
  • but eat less or less nutritious foods
This is the same entity that get's 180 million dollars to 
make sure that you do have what you need.
Here is the full report CommunityFoodSecurityEval

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