Whats goin on.. Did Jonah Mowry Lie?(Watch Video)

Many people are saying that the video below is proof that Jonah lied I don’t see how it is. All he says in the video is that everyone in school doesn’t hate him everyone in my school didn’t hate me either but a select few made my life hell!

The boy is still cutting himself! that is very concerning. Please don’t get lost in is he or is he not telling the truth and lose the message.

Many kids are being bullied everyday, so many kids are suffering in silence. We have to do what we can to end bullying! www.stopbullying.gov for more info.

Jonah Mowry Twitter Account


18 thoughts on “Whats goin on.. Did Jonah Mowry Lie?(Watch Video)”

  1. I don’t see any proof at all that he lied. 4 months ago he reached out to people. Now the same people are finding that since he is “happy” and has friends, he must be lying. What a bunch of ignorant and sad people.

  2. In fairness to the ‘ignorant and sad’ people, even if he isn’t lying, he’s got a cocky little attitude in this video, and he says everyone loves him as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. If he was genuine, surely he’d have a more humble attitude?

    1. You are a truley pesemistic person. This young man should be able to be cocky for all he’s been through and for every bully that did the same thing to his face and told him they hated him, he deserves to at least enjoy some the support he is finally recieving. It is people like you who are the bullys and are the most self concious of them all.

      1. Kk learn how to spell if you want to sound intelligent: spell check and dictionaries do exist. That being said, I don’t see why someone who is being bullied would post a video like the original, knowing it can potentially lead to further bullying. Kids can be cruel, and a video like that would only encourage those who want to hurt Jonah to do so. I also absolutely agree with Roxi. Furthermore, if he did lie, his attitude makes the audience believe he is personally taking the issue of bullying lightly, which disgusts me. I think this kid should just be forgotten…at least until he grows up and can post a mature video addressing the reasons why he did this.

    2. As a mom of teenagers, I can tell you they ALL teens act cocky from time to time, especially when they are with friends. Plus, teens (and adults) sometimes act cocky as a way of masking their insecurity.

      If he faked his original video, he should get an Oscar. Either way, the message of the video was the most important thing. However, I believe the pain he exhibited was real. If he is in a better place mentally/emotionally now, then good for him!

    1. The fact that he is happy and “cocky” in the next video is exactly the point. Even if he felt despondent for no more that 10minutes, he could have killed himself during those 10minutes and never known that thing feel better relatively quickly. Even if this is “fake” (which I agree is not supported by the follow-up video), as a psychologist I want parents to see this so they know how much kids/teens suffer in the moment.

  3. It’s the same boy. The message is very genuine. The first message anyway. While I also agree he seemed very cocky in the second, he’s 14. Teenagers live in the moment, he’s getting a lot of attention and its hard, even for adults, not to let that go to ones head. While it could have been done more tactfully he’s a kid and doesn’t understand his influence on others, who might be in the position he was in 4 months ago. I wish he didn’t even come out with a second video because it takes the focus off the important message in the first. Instead of focusing on bullying more are focused on whether or not he lied or faked the whole thing and I can see how the second video would be upsetting to the public and induce a feeling of being tricked or even taken advantage of. Regardless I hope the first video enlightened people on how prevalent bullying is and it must stop.

  4. to tell you you the truth … i dont even know if they are the same people! they have multiple different features… and that the jonah that made the video ” whats going on” his face looks like he is broken.

  5. People who cut themselves aren’t morose all the time, and the fact that his youtube channel features him having fun and friends doesn’t prove that he is lying. I was a cheerleader in junior high and I was depressed all the time and cutting myself. I’m sure I seemed very happy, in fact, I made sure that I did, and I was very popular then. I had a lot of “friends” but somehow I still felt completely alone. I think anyone who has suffered from depression can relate to the act one puts on to seem normal and happy.

    It is unfounded to assume that he wasn’t being truthful just because he doesn’t seem sad or humble in some of his videos. He’s a kid! Frankly, I’m glad to see him smiling and goofing around.

  6. At 13, which wasn’t so long ago for me, I felt the exact same way he did in the first video, except I wasn’t coming out or anything, but I didn’t go off and make a video showing how pathetic I was and hope someone saw it and thought I was some bullied destroyed human being. I wanted people to know I didn’t care what they said, no matter what. He has no genuine feeling of pain, all he’s done is hurt himself and allowed others to hurt him, he’s even created “Proof” of his harassment on his own body. Someone must agree with me.

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