I Will Not Be Leaving The Building or The Church (here’s why I made the status)

Recently I posted a status that I was no longer attending any Church buildings because I didn’t see a point if the Church is considered the people not the building as I’ve always been taught. Also I made the point that I have some issues with the institution of the Church and some of the things being taught within them.

Although I do have some issues with the Church I will not be leaving the building or the community the status was only to kind-of gauge my communities’ reaction to this point.

I have to say that I did not get the response that I thought I would get from my Church community.

This is what I expected

I expected for people to not agree with what I was saying but also I expected people to show some grace to me in my decision making.

I expected people to say ok that’s sad that you are making that decision but let me hit you up so we a set up some bible studies at your house and continue to be the Church.

I expected people to say ok let me set up a time when we can talk on the phone and just go over scripture together so that we can make sure you are staying in your word.

I excepted people to say that, yes it’s going to be a tough decision to make but let me make sure you have the support that you  need so that you know that the Church is readily and available regardless of a building.

This is not the reaction that I received actually I received the exact opposite some people even said too me how will I ever see you now, really?

We have to stop getting so hung up on a building and start bringing the Gospel to the people and actually being the Church rather then going too the Church.

This experiment I did truly did break my heart and made me very afraid for anyone that has left the Church or is planning to leave the Church.

The Church community made me feel as if; if I didn’t step inside those buildings I would have no support, no friends, and no love from anyone. I would be completely disconnected from God, the bible and basically I would be a heathen.

Someone told me to pray about it, I found this statement to be insulting as if I would make a decision like this without praying about it.

I decided to do this because I have also been guilty of no longer talking to people because they left the Church building or failing to keep those relationships that were supposed to be genuine. I myself have to do a better job at loving people regardless of if they choose a building or not choose a building.

If we are truly the Church I couldn’t see the logic in someone making it seem like everything in my life would fall apart if I did not attend a building. I believe in a Church that reaches beyond a building and stretches its hands out so far and wide anyone can reach it.

I will do a better job at being the Church, will you?



1 thought on “I Will Not Be Leaving The Building or The Church (here’s why I made the status)”

  1. I hear what you’re saying Sheri. Many don’t realize that a sunday morning service is simply one expression of being the church. A Bible study class is another expression. A home group ministry is another. A men’s breakfast is another. A mid-week prayer meeting is yet another. A service to the community, and it goes on. I, too, think there’s too much attention and effort surrounding the sunday morning service. I’ve found that the home is one of the best places to meet and share life in sweet fellowship. Where are all the people that have the gift of hospitality? Thanks for this post!

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