Anonymous to relaunch Megaupload, sorta

Anonyupload.com is a centralized service, when you upload files, they are stored in our hard drives, at a single location. And this is not good! It is the opposite of what the Internet is: decentralized. The internet is a worldwide interconnected computer network, when your computer is connected to the Internet (not ChinaNet) it can communicate with any other machine also connected to the Internet and so this machine can also communicate with you, if you allow it to do so. If you only visit website such as facebook.com, twitter.com or anonyupload.com you are always communicating with the same machines! That’s not good! 
There are many reasons why this is not good, the first is that some of you store personal information and files on machines which are not belonging to you, and that you do not have any control on. The second is that you are always going through the same wires, it means that someone could spy on it, monitors your activities, or decides to cut it off as it happened with megaupload.com. This can be avoided by using decentralized technologies, the first thing to do if you are interested in doing it, is to host your own content, on your own machines.
If you cannot do that, because you technically do not have the skills, do not want to read how to, or do not have a good enough internet connection, take a look at P2P. Sharing a file through a P2P network will multiply this file significantly, and when someone would want to download it, pieces of the file will be gathered from different machines at the same time to finally rebuild one single file, if some of the machines sharing the file are shut down, it will still be possible for you to get this file, because there are many of them! And we need more!
Finally, if you still want to use services such as anonyupload.com, try to upload your files on the others as well.
There are many other reasons why using a single host is bad, if you have been aware of the megaupload.com story, even though you liked the website, you can see that its owner made much more money than what was required to pay for the infrastructure. Big and centralized websites can make a lot of money just by putting a single advertisement on their pages.

-pulled from anonyupload.com




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