A Life is a Life, Help combat Animal Cruelty

A Life is a Life, Help combat Animal Cruelty
There are many reasons why this is important. For the First I will us a situation that just recently happened to me. On Feb 15, 2012 I went out of my intercity home to find a dead cat in my front lawn. I recognized the cat as a stray that had been in our neighborhood for 4 years. The cat clearly looked like it had not died where it was laying. It looked like it had died somewhere eles and then had been placed in our lawn. We took pictures and called the Kent County Animal Shelter. I was told by manager that there was nothing they could do. They could not come and pick up the dead cat, nor investigate how it got in our front lawn. I was told the reason for this was that the laws governing animal cruelty involving cats were to vague in Kent County for any one to be investigated. This is the main reason in starting this petition. Cats are allowed to rome free in a Kent County and if one gets trapped under your house or you find one dead in your front lawn the Kent County Animal Shelter will not do any thing about it. If some one is cruel to a stray cat they will not be investigated in Kent County. I hope there are enough people who love animals and are willing to make a effort to change this problem.
-Written by petition creator Raphiella Munsell
Sign petition by following the link bellow



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