Trayvon Martin, Shot & Killed By His Own Neighborhood Watch


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This story literally pissed me off so much I started to cry, this man needs to be arrested period! Please pray for this young man’s family and please contact the Orlando police department and voice your outrage!
17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a Neighborhood Watch captain inside his own gated Orlando, Florida community where he was living with his father, stepmother and little brother, according to the family’s lawyer.

Martin was shot after returning home from a local convenience store, where he bought snacks including Skittles candy requested by his 13-year-old brother, Chad.

According to the family’s lawyer Ben Crump, the family is calling for the Watch captain’s arrest, saying Martin was “on his way home and a Neighborhood Watch loose cannon shot and killed him.”

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More Updates:


Update: 911 tapes released http://www.orlandosentinel.com/videogallery/68870555/News/911-call:-Yelling-&-gunshot-heard-in-background


Black militia leader on Trayvon Martin shooter: ‘We’ll find him’



Update: Recent photos of Trayvon



Read my recent post http://365daysofsheri.com/2012/04/13/the-trayvon-martin-tragedy-detailed-timeline/


1 thought on “Trayvon Martin, Shot & Killed By His Own Neighborhood Watch”

  1. What was ‘martian’ doing on top of Zim? Martian should have just ‘stood his ground’. Z didn’t pull his gun until after Martian was on top of him. duh!

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