The Shooting of Kenneth Chamberlain – Justice Now!

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Nearly four months ago, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. received a 5 a.m. phone call from a friend urging him to rush to the Winbrook Public Housing apartment and check on his father. His friend was in the middle of explaining that he didn’t know why officers were across the hall when he blurted out “I think White Plains police just shot your father.”

Five minutes later, Chamberlain said officers that were called to respond to a medical alert at 135 S. Lexington Ave. directed him to the hospital where he was told that his father Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., a former marine and corrections officer, had died.

“People often ask me how am I feeling. My initial response to everyone is, ‘Day by day, I’m okay.’ But I’m angry,” Chamberlain said. “It’s going on four months, and I don’t even know the officer’s name who shot and killed my father. I don’t know if he’s out in the street right now still with his badge, still with his gun, ready to kill someone else.”

Chamberlain said he hoped a grand jury handed out second-degree murder charges for those involved in the Nov. 19 incident. His attorneys, local NAACP officers, clergy and other community leaders urged a crowd of more than 150 in the Slater Center Saturday to send letters petitioning the Westchester District Attorney to release audio and video of the shooting. Chamberlain and his lawyers have reviewed the recordings, but the public has not been permitted to see them.

Read Full Article http://www.thedailywhiteplains.com/news/chamberlain-family-asks-audio-video-release



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