Male Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Girl (This Bus Driver needs to be suspended)

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12 thoughts on “Male Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Girl (This Bus Driver needs to be suspended)”

  1. Why should he be suspended? This raggedy no-account should be able to assualt the bus driver while he’s driving and get away with it. She deserved a good slap, which obviously her daddy is not around to give her.

    1. When you take a job position like that you should know how to behave uppercutting is not that wait if a women is getting irate with me on the job and I beat the crap out of her then I should be fired.

      1. @sherimunsell rewind to seconds before where she physically assaulted him at his place of employment as he was driving a bus full of passengers therefore putting everyone’s life in danger. why would you hit someone while there driving, who knows the accident that could’ve happened as a result of being punched while driving. if someone came to your job and physically assaulted you i’d hope you’d have the intelligence to defend yourself instead of putting up with it and i’d also hope your employer would stand up for your right to protect yourself in self-defense instead of firing you for it.

      2. there are proper procedures you are to follow which are in any training manual you will have on a job punching someone in the face will never be part of those procedures.

  2. You’re right about what’s written in all those willy nilly training manuals, no job is actually going to tell you its ok to punch anybody for any reason be it self-defensive or not and it’s mostly because of liability reasons not moral reasons. Are you morally in the right to defend yourself? of course, but they can’t state that in an employee manual cause it would seem as if they’re encouraging violence which may in turn lead to liability issues and being sued, so obviously they’ll never make that part of those manual procedures. there’s two sets of laws, “nature laws”(what comes natural as a human being) and “man made laws” that somebody made up(policies, manuals, rules etc) And I’m sure if you were being attacked at work the last thing you’d be thinking about is what an employee manual says, instead u would respond with your natural instinct law of protecting yourself and not some silly policy someone wrote in a manual, at least i’d hope so! no job is ever worth your safety and well being. If you ever get a chance look up “the 1st law of nature” and “fight or flight response”

    Best wishes 🙂

    1. I have had people get very irritated with me on the job what I did was speak to them calmly and diffused the situation I did not holler back or start making fun of them. This man put everyone’s life in danger by attacking a fool like she was.

      1. I follow you, i’ve worked as a customer service rep for years at various places where i’ve been the recipient of verbal attacks so i def feel you (fortunately im a massage therapist now so i don’t have to deal with that nonsense anymore lol) however this wasn’t just a verbal attack by here it was physical and we all know that once it gets physical it’s a different story. she’s grown enough so im sure she knows how the sticks and stones rule works and how the keep your hands to your self rule works as well. i do agree though that he probably shouldn’t have reacted by verbally insulting her back though it was funny lol. But when he punched her the bus was stopped and no longer in motion so no one was in real danger at that point as far as an accident goes. the real danger happened when she hit him while he was driving. That idiot didnt care about nobody else but herself. she should’ve been grateful somebody was willing to driver her to wherever she needed to go and that’s they way she thanked him. smh some people

  3. Firstly, your head is so far up your ass I’m surprised anybody can hear you. Secondly, very easy for your to sit there in judgement, making your youtube videos, and state the many faults of the bus driver but had you been in his position 99% certainty that you would have done the same. The only difference being you would have had your ass handed to you.

    And you mention that the bus driver antagonised the situation by his comments. This is where your head is up your ass because if it wasn’t you would know that this type of woman, who is simply off the rails, often doesn’t need much antagonising to turn things physical. Even if the bus driver was to be silent and ignore her she would have found another method of initiating the altercation. This was inevitable.

    The bus driver may not have needed to punch her, but anyone with any common sense will understand he was provoked and had due cause. However he definitely had every right to get up and throw that hood rat off the bus.

    You need to check yourself.

  4. its like this nobody is gonna accept have somebody put their hands on the in any negative way.. ppl can say he wrong but nobody knows what the history of their problem and shit he probally tired of her shit.. i dont think hes worng.. i think these new young ppl need to know that putting your hands on ppl has its affect.. she caused all that

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