You do not have the necessary permission for the specified Page – Facebook

You do not have the necessary permission for the specified Page to perform the requested action.

If you’re receiving this message when you have been made an admin of a facebook page or are the owner of a facebook page (only when you attempt to access the messages or messenger) and you can’t figure out why here was the thing that solved the issue for me.

If the facebook page you’re trying to access has 2-factor verification you have to set up 2-factor verification on your own personal profile and in the messenger by using an authenticator app (I used google authenticator). This should resolve the issue.


5 A’s to Approving Diabetes Health

As more than More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes and the great responsibility that comes with that. It is essential to look at how the healthcare industry is changing to adapt to this demand. People living with diabetes are lacking in access to the critical supplies needed to manage and maintain this illness. People living with diabetes are also without access to information necessary to provide proper accommodations.

The cost of insulin continues to be a problem for those affected by diabetes. According to recent studies by the American Diabetes Association Overall, 39% of insulin users experienced an increase in the amount they pay for insulin over the past year. Even those with excellent health coverage are having issues paying for there testing supplies.

According to a study by the World Health Organization Insulin availability in primary care institutions was very low (10% to 20%). No intermediate-acting human insulin was available in primary care institutions. Overall, the availability of insulin in private pharmacies ranged from 13% for prandial (10% short-acting and 10% rapid-acting) to 33% for pre-mixed (27% human and 20% analog).

A recent AADE “secret shopper” survey revealed that currently, most mail-order suppliers do not carry 50% of the blood glucose models covered by the Medicare market shares of DTS, nor was factual information provided about available inventory. The result of the lack of access was the failure to receive trusted supplies and training to use DTS. In some cases.

Many people that are dealing with diabetes are unaware that they can receive specific workplace accommodations to check insulin etc. According to The Americans with Disabilities Act individuals with diabetes can request accommodations without fear of losing employment.

Diabetes is a widely accepted illness. However, there is still a stigma surrounding Type 2 diabetes. According to a study conducted by the American Diabetes Association. A more significant percentage of those that participated in the study with type 1 diabetes reported diabetes stigma than those with type 2 diabetes 76 vs. 52%

What we can see from looking at these statistics is that the healthcare industry has a long way to come in addressing the needs of those that live diabetes. In all categories, those living with diabetes can use more access to critical supplies and information to live a better life.


Was Mobe LTD My Online Buisness Education Shut Down by The FTC

I am not going to share any information here that has not already been shared publicly or that is a matter of opinion even though I probably know more because I was an independent contractor for the company.

The short answer is yes, Mobe has been shut down by the FTC. All Independent contractors of the company have been asked to halt operations. We have not heard from Matt Llyod or any executives at all. Everything for us has been halted also even though we have worked we do not have access to our paychecks. Many of the top earners started to jump ship several days before any of us even knew. We found out about all of this literally overnight we woke up to everything being shut down and no answers just like everyone else.

A few years ago members of Mobe (some of which were my bosses) jump shipped and created their own company very similar to Mobe (we were also lied to about this). This Company was called Digital Altitude this company has also been shut down by the FTC they have released official information about this company https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/cases-proceedings/172-3060/digital-altitude-llc

Update: As of 6/11/18 The FTC has released the official report on Mobe https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/cases-proceedings/172-3072/mobe-ltd-et-al

Update: Receivers Information  http://www.bernet-receiver.com/appointments/mobe/

Update: Timeline from Justin Glover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhuAHQpCSCI&feature=youtu.be.

Update: Message from Eran B  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLAICc4K4Xk&feature=youtu.be

Important Message from John Chow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oerP92d7Yk4

Update: 6/12/18 at about 3:20pm We finally heard from Matt Llyod he shared this message
“Matt Lloyd

Hi everyone,

As you may already know, MOBE is being sued by the FTC. I have great respect for the FTC and intend to co-operate with them, along with the receiver who has been appointed. I am currently in the process of getting them the information requested, and am looking forward to resolving the matter with the best possible outcome for all concerned.

You can see more information about the lawsuit at the Receiver’s website, which is located at www.bernet-receiver.com.”

Do I think that Mobe is guilty of the same things that they’re accusing Digital Altitude of the answer is NO. Mobe as a company has always made it very clear that results are not typical.

The US government doesn’t care about the people like us they’re ok with tying up our funds for years and years no matter how much we invested and not telling us a word.
People who worked for this company won’t be able to feed their kids etc but none of that will mean a thing why’ll they’re investigating.

Just know that investigating does not mean guilty even a court case does not mean guilty.

For those that want to help please sign the petition below https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dispute-unfair-actions-taken-against-mobe-inc#.Wx24_-7c1Aw.facebook”

(My Blog piece)

This all deeply saddens me I worked for this company for 3 years. I felt like I put my life into this and I believe that Mobe helped to change many people’s lives. I honestly am lost at what I will do from here as I personally took on the responsibility of raising my niece and nephew now I have to start over with scrambling to find a job before rent is due. I seriously wish all my colleagues and co-workers the best! These were the best people ever to work with and they deserve so much better than this.

Thank you,



Why I Don’t Support Embarrassing a Child That Does Not “Act Right”

Elementary school pupil being bullied

Many of you have probably seen it this trend that is going around, parents that will dress up in crazy clothes and go sit at their child’s school if they are misbehaving. Parents that will spank their kids and post it on the internet because they were talking to a boy/girl. Parents that will do something humiliating to their child’s appearance because they were being vain etc, etc. Also along with this you will see lots of people who think it’s funny, laughing, commenting sharing and you will see the very few people who stand up and say that’s not ok and get attacked.

But Humiliating them Now Will Stop Them From A Life of Crime and Stupidity Later

The truth is that may be so however doing this can also LEAD to a life of crime and stupidity. The bullying that they receive from their peers is something that can carry with them the rest of their life, I know from experience as someone who still suffers from anxiety from bullying.

Also this kind of disciple can cause resentment and hatred towards the parent and it will be very difficult for you to guide them in the future.

If your boss wanted you to improve on a report he/she asked you to do and his/her response was to post the report all over the office with red exes and notes about everything you did wrong, would that make you more productive at work?

Alternatives to Humiliation

(Assuming that you are not already doing these things)

1. Take some time as a parent to realize that often kids act up for any number of reason that just are not telling you, TALK TO YOUR KIDS.  humiliation is a patch that may work for a little while but will resurface because the original issue was not properly addressed.

2. Get them into counseling if it’s too bad for you to handle on your own

3. Discipline them in private. Put your child over your own selfish need for likes and comments

4. If it is them acting up and school set it up so they can talk to someone who is struggling in life now because they did not pay attention or dropped out of school.

5. If it is them acting up in school have them take an IQ test they may be struggling in school because they are too advanced for what they are being taught 

6. I see dads try to protect their daughters by shamming them on the internet because they are talking to older boys/men, telling the world wide web that your daughter is having an issue with sexuality and is easily swayed by older man is not a good way to handle that issue!!. Showing heightened signs of sexuality at a young age can be because of a much greater issue and should be something that is discussed privately and in great depth.

 All in all instead of taking the way out that does not require you to do better parenting and spend more time with your child, don’t take the easy way out. (Also this is not a message to every parent that takes the humiliation route)




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Temper Tantrum Takes A Turn: Girl Goes Berserk In The Classroom After Confrontation With Classmate