Was Mobe LTD My Online Buisness Education Shut Down by The FTC

I am not going to share any information here that has not already been shared publicly or that is a matter of opinion even though I probably know more because I was an independent contractor for the company.

The short answer is yes, Mobe has been shut down by the FTC. All Independent contractors of the company have been asked to halt operations. We have not heard from Matt Llyod or any executives at all. Everything for us has been halted also even though we have worked we do not have access to our paychecks. Many of the top earners started to jump ship several days before any of us even knew. We found out about all of this literally overnight we woke up to everything being shut down and no answers just like everyone else.

A few years ago members of Mobe (some of which were my bosses) jump shipped and created their own company very similar to Mobe (we were also lied to about this). This Company was called Digital Altitude this company has also been shut down by the FTC they have released official information about this company

Update: As of 6/11/18 The FTC has released the official report on Mobe

Update: Receivers Information

Update: Timeline from Justin Glover

Update: Message from Eran B

Important Message from John Chow:

Update: 6/12/18 at about 3:20pm We finally heard from Matt Llyod he shared this message
“Matt Lloyd

Hi everyone,

As you may already know, MOBE is being sued by the FTC. I have great respect for the FTC and intend to co-operate with them, along with the receiver who has been appointed. I am currently in the process of getting them the information requested, and am looking forward to resolving the matter with the best possible outcome for all concerned.

You can see more information about the lawsuit at the Receiver’s website, which is located at”

Do I think that Mobe is guilty of the same things that they’re accusing Digital Altitude of the answer is NO. Mobe as a company has always made it very clear that results are not typical.

The US government doesn’t care about the people like us they’re ok with tying up our funds for years and years no matter how much we invested and not telling us a word.
People who worked for this company won’t be able to feed their kids etc but none of that will mean a thing why’ll they’re investigating.

Just know that investigating does not mean guilty even a court case does not mean guilty.

For those that want to help please sign the petition below”

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This all deeply saddens me I worked for this company for 3 years. I felt like I put my life into this and I believe that Mobe helped to change many people’s lives. I honestly am lost at what I will do from here as I personally took on the responsibility of raising my niece and nephew now I have to start over with scrambling to find a job before rent is due. I seriously wish all my colleagues and co-workers the best! These were the best people ever to work with and they deserve so much better than this.

Thank you,